The dried fruit and nuts SUN brand

We’ve been genuine ambassadors for dried fruit and nuts under our SUN brand since 1986. We offer a wide range of dried fruit and nut varieties, from raw through to more sophisticated options.

Dried fruit and nuts are highly nutritious and help maintain a balanced diet. They’re great for your health and provide slow-release energy throughout the day.

We love dried fruit and nuts because they’re natural, delicious and so very varied. In fact, there are so many different varieties, it’s a real palette of flavours and textures that inspire us each and every day!

Our SUN brand is about bringing these benefits to everyone. So whether you’re intrigued, a novice or a seasoned foodie, an athlete, young or old – come and join the SUN adventure!

You can find our SUN products in the fruit and veg section at your local supermarket or hypermarket in France.

Ingredients: cooking aids the essentials

Ingredients – Cooking aids Mon tour malin

Croqandises apéritif non salé

Unsalted nibbles

Croqandises apéritif avec pointe de sel

Salted nibbles

Snacking – SUN CUP

DOUCHOU caramel-coated peanuts

SUN encas star wars fruits secs à emporter


graine de chef mélange à saupoudrer sur les plats

Ingredients – Graine de Chef

Snacking – SUN SNACKING mix:


ORGANIC – ingredient bags