SUN ORGANIC SNACKING: organic dried fruit and nuts for snacking on the go

SUN ORGANIC SNACKING is a revolutionary concept: a pack of five dried fruit and nut bags for snacking at any time of day. Each 30 g bag contains the daily recommended portion of dried fruit and nuts.

The ORGANIC SNACKING range can be found in the fruit and veg section in your local supermarket. It currently features two mixes of organically produced dried fruit and nuts:

– Organic almonds and raisins: 5 x 30 g

– Organic hazelnuts and figs: 5 x 30 g

These dried fruit and nut mini mixes are perfect for busy families – as a children’s snack, something to take to the office, before, during or after sports, or simply whenever you feel hungry. They’re delicious, natural and packed with energy!

For more information about our products, go to our SUN brand website.

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