To see details of each stage of our production process at our facility in Marseille, simply place your cursor over the numbers on the diagram.

See behind the details of each stage of our production process at our facility in Marseille.

usine color foods

287We carry out quantity and quality checks on all goods at our COLOR FOODS facility on arrival before registering the pallets in our computer system. We then take samples of the raw materials for further checks by our quality department. Only raw materials that pass these checks will be used in the production process.

stockage des matières premièresThe pallets are identified and then stored according to product characteristics (highly perishable goods are stored in chillers or in dry rooms).
At COLOR FOODS, we can store around 2,000 incoming pallets.

We have several production lines for preparing our products, where we grill, caramelised, rehydrate, mix or season our dried fruit and nuts:

  • SOFT FRUIT: We REHYDRATE dried fruit by spraying it with hot water and/or steam to give it a soft texture.
  • CARAMEL-COATED PEANUTS: We CARAMELISE the peanuts in copper tanks, where they’re mixed with sugar and water, which turns into caramel when heated.
  • We GRILL cashews, pistachios, peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts in a rotating oven to give them that unique, grilled taste.
  • We sometimes SEASON the fruit before roasting, with salt, pepper, spices or herbs.

For more information, visit the “Our processes” page on our SUN brand website.


Fin de réhydratation des abricots

Fin de réhydratation des abricots

Douchou Chouchous

Fabrication des chouchous

grillage des arachides coque

grillage des arachides coque

mise en carton manuelleOur packaging lines feature multihead weighers that distribute the fruit into the packs. The products are then ready to be packaged in bags, pots, punnets or boxes, and the end products are then packed in cardboard boxes.

The boxes are then transported to the palletising area, where they are checked before being stored.convoyeur à carton à plusieurs étages

The boxes of end products are placed on pallets. Each pallet is identified, numbered and stored. We can store around 2,200 pallets of end products.

We record the origin of all our boxes of products to maintain traceability throughout the logistics chain. We pick boxes according to the First In, First Out (FIFO) rule, to ensure that all the products we deliver to our customers have the longest possible best before date. We also apply the same rule to the way we use our raw materials.

We use barcode scanners to pick and check orders. A second visual check is carried out before the orders are shrink-wrapped and shipped.

The products are then shipped to our customers’ logistics platforms before being transported to stores.

Our quality team’s job is to adhere to our customers’ specifications and the law at all times, and to make sure that our products pose no health risks to consumers.

The team performs multiple checks each and every day with these aims in mind.

We have an on-site laboratory that constantly analyses incoming materials, processes and end products. We perform all analyses that do not require special accreditation. Other analyses are carried out by a specialist independent laboratory.

The first set of checks is carried out when the raw materials arrive. All incoming batches are assessed against our specifications, and we also carry out physical checks (size, weight, quantity, texture, moisture content, etc.) and taste tests. We use accredited external laboratories for additional physical, chemical and microbiological analyses. We also check that all traceability aspects are in place (labelling, identification). Only batches that pass these checks, tests and analyses are released for use on our production lines.

We constantly check that our production processes comply with the relevant recipes, compositions and specifications, and the laboratory performs physical, chemical and taste tests. Additional analyses are carried out by accredited laboratories.