The “Les FADAS de fruits secs” brand

Because the everyday life is not always easy. Because the routine is invading us day after day. In other words, because the world is far from perfect …

Let’s change our point of view.
Let’s ignore the annoying people that stress us, the hassles that mark our lives and the feeling of helplessness that pervades us regarding the stakes of the Planet.

Let’s choose carelessness without unconsciousness.
Because fear makes us spectators while enthusiasm pushes us to act.

Let’s give more time to pleasure, optimism and the joys of life.
Each moment. Simply. Let’s smile at life several times a day to avoid bad wrinkles.

We are a little nuts but we are not idiots.

We are “FADAS” (nuts, crazy, passionate in French). And our dried fruits too.

…And you ?


Mix of almonds, brazil nuts, coconuts and cranberries Bio

Mix of roasted hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and mulberries Bio

Mix of cashew, almonds, raisins and hazelnuts Bio.

Mix of apples, pecan nuts, raisins, dried cherries Bio