LA FAVORITE, launched in 1997, is a specialist of Mediterranean dried fruit. Dates from Tunisia and Algeria are our mainstay, but we also offer figs and apricots from Turkey.

But in 2019, LA FAVORITE change its look and extend its range. Today, the leading brand in the Mediterranean fruit market is strengthening and targets all consumers of dried fruit with its 3 ranges: Tradition, Clean label, soft fruit.

Expert and benevolent, LA FAVORITE campaigns for the respect of the authentic flavors and know-how of the sectors. The brand  highlight the origins, varieties and traditional methods of drying.

Our products are sold in stores throughout the year and have become a real favourite among consumers – especially during the Ramadan and Christmas seasons.

LA FAVORITE is the market-leading supplier of dates, with top-selling products such as our Deglet Nour date on stem box from Tunisia and Algeria.  We’re also number one for figs.

We’ve been working with the same partners for more than 70 years, helping us cement a leading position in the segment. That’s why we can bring you the very best fruit from palm groves and orchards from the southern Mediterranean.

You can find our LA FAVORITE products in the fruit and veg section at your local supermarket or hypermarket in France.


“Layers” dried figs: 500g

“Lérida” dried figs: 500g

Box of Deglet Nour dates on stem: 1 kg – from Tunisia

Deglet Nour dates in tray 250g

Deglet Nour dates in tray 500g

Dried apricots: 250g


Dried apricots 350g

Dates variety Deglet Nour 350g

Dried figs 300g

Dattes variety Medjoul 250g

dates, figs, apricots 350g


Mix of soft raisins 250g

Soft apricots 250g

Soft dattes 250g

Soft figs 250g