Our christmas hampers

At our production facility in Marseille, we put together new combinations each and every year as trends and preferences change, adding to our collection of around 100 traditional, gourmet hampers.

After the harvest period just before the Christmas season begins, the sun-drenched dried fruit is unloaded in Marseille, where it is arranged by hand to make a wide selection of hampers, boxes and baskets to take pride of place on the Christmas dinner table – as is tradition here in Provence.

Our selection includes dried fruit and nuts from the Mediterranean, exotic fruit from hotter climates, gourmet confectionery often made from marzipan, as well as nougat and calisson. The resulting hampers are a great addition to any seasonal celebration, and they’re packed with energy for winter sports enthusiasts!

For more details of our 2018 catalogue, you can contact us here.

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“Réception” marzipan selection: 240g

“Rosalie” dried fruit selection: 600g

dried fruit selection wooden punnets 160g

“4 dates”: 800g

Candied fruit pots: 200g

“Eleganza” dried fruit selection: 620g

Confectionery wooden punnets: 170g

“Magnificat” dried fruit selection: 1kg

Stuffed dates wooden punnets: 150g

“Atlas” stuffed dates selection: 510g

“Kate” dried fruit selection: 350g

“Betina” dried fruit and marzipan selection: 550g

“13 Desserts en Provence” selection: 660g

“Histrion” nuts in shell mix: 900g

“Francky” confectionery selection: 400g

Organic dried fruit selection : “la corbeille du BIOnheur” 325g